Empowering blade batteries, Zcanon breaks through successfully

2020/8/27 11:33:05

Time High-Tech Edit/Ou Yangyu

In order to offer the next "killer feature" in the new energy vehicle market, BYD is eager to increase its "blade" battery production capacity.

Gaogong Lithium was informed that recently, Shenzhen Zcanon Automation Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Zcanon") has received a notice of winning the bid for the second phase of the blade battery project equipment, once again assisting the blade battery production line.

As the current exclusive supplier of BYD's blade battery plant's post-stage chemical capacity logistics equipment, the first-phase project equipment provided by Zcanon has been delivered and assisted the production line to enter mass production.

Founded in 2003, Zcanon focuses on the research and development, production and sales of various non-standard automation equipment, intelligent warehousing, and logistics automation equipment. Since entering the power battery industry in 2015, Zcanon has gradually demonstrated its strength and reputation in the industry by virtue of its excellent design, strong technical strength, rich field experience, and perfect after-sales service.

Jiang Peiliang, deputy general manager of Zcanon, told Gaogong Lithium that, in addition to BYD, the company is currently one of the largest suppliers of warehousing and logistics in the LG Nanjing factory, and has reached an in-depth strategic cooperation with LG Chem. Relying on the core key customer strategy in the high-end market, the company's cooperative customers also include Ningde Times, Yiwei Lithium Energy, Funeng, Ruipu Energy, Xinwangda and so on. "Faced with the dominant financial strength, almost all competitors of listed companies, Zcanon successfully broke through with its strong technical strength and pragmatic service capabilities, and still occupied important market orders." Jiang Peiliang emphasized, thanking customers for their excellent supply In the business, Zcanon was chosen. Doing the project down-to-earth and doing well has built a reputation and market for both customers and Zcanon.

Relying on 18 years of R&D innovation and experience accumulation in the field of warehousing and logistics, Zcanon intelligent equipment system solution has achieved multi-layer technological breakthroughs in the field of power battery applications.

Jiang Peiliang introduced that in order to cope with the trend manufacturing requirements of high cost, high performance, high safety, and high consistency of power batteries including blade batteries, Zcanon's warehouse logistics manufacturing system has achieved "soft and hard" and iterative upgrades to solve industry pain points.

"Directly hit" industry pain points

Gaogong Lithium has learned that power battery-based content logistics automation and intelligent warehousing pay particular attention to the high cost, safety, stability and reliability of the overall equipment. In addition to continuously optimizing solutions to reduce costs, Zcanon also continuously solves a series of pain points in the actual application of equipment.
Such as: the stability of the transplanting place; the phenomenon of constrained trays sticking to the battery; the accuracy of the tray spacing is low, and the service life of the mechanism is short; the stacker loses its positioning function in the event of a fire and cannot take out the fire battery tray.

Jiang Peiliang said that Zcanon optimizes and adjusts product technology and operation interface from hardware to software in the design plan, presents the best solution to customers, and helps customers truly reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Aiming at the stability of the transplanting site, Zcanon has developed an overall solution with high safety factor, strong flexibility, and wide adaptability while preventing stuttering. It can be compatible with multiple trays of different sizes without error; dustproof , Complete safety protection measures such as anti-pinch, anti-metal powder, anti-corrosion, anti-falling from high altitude, etc.; modular design, convenient installation and strong interchangeability.

Aiming at the phenomenon that the soft pack restricts the tray to stick to the battery, Zcanon and professional manufacturers have jointly researched and changed the process and structure of silica gel to effectively solve this problem.

Faced with the problem of uneven battery spacing and limited adjustment of the restraint tray, Zcanon can independently research and develop advanced mechanisms that can accurately adjust the spacing and stepless width. Solved the compatibility of the tray, extended the service life of the mechanism, and applied for a patent.

Jiang Peiliang pointed out that, at a time when power batteries attach great importance to safe manufacturing, Zcanon’s fire safety management system is in the leading position in the industry, and two major advantages are particularly prominent:
1. In the case where the stacker's laser ranging or barcode positioning in the industry loses its effect, Zcanon can use its self-developed technology to accurately find the igniting material frame and take it out to implement the fire fighting task.
2. For customers with high fire protection requirements, Zcanon adopts advanced infrared temperature measurement cameras to reconfirm the locations with fire safety hazards and scan the surrounding locations to play a preventive role.

Independent manufacturing software and hardware

In addition to the outstanding advantages of solving the above-mentioned industry pain points, the advantages of Zcanon in all aspects of software and hardware are also particularly commendable.

Jiang Peiliang emphasized that in addition to the independent research and development, design and production of intelligent warehousing and logistics automation core software and hardware, Zcanon can also independently design battery trays, presses, sorting machines, OCV and DCIR testing machines, and plug nail machines etc. equipment.

The software system independently developed by Zcanon can have good operating system adaptability. The powerful and stable production data management core can form an advanced, distributed redundant and fault-tolerant control system. Wide applicability, flexible and open software structure suitable for various types of system applications.

In the hoist link, the most widely used reciprocating hoist in the production line, Zcanon's solution has high safety factor, stable and reliable operation, easy maintenance, compact structure, small footprint, high degree of automation, and excellent cost performance.

In the stacking machine link, the stacking machine independently designed by Zcanon has high precision, strong stability, high safety and no noise. X and Y axis adopt high-precision scanning code positioning system, which can realize precise positioning at one time, and its running accuracy can reach 1mm at one time. It can avoid manual operation and temporarily pass through the channel without stopping the machine. Each stacker is equipped with an obstacle scanning system at the front and back to prevent people from being injured during the passage.

The ability to design non-standard equipment is another big advantage of Zcanon. In the development and production of auxiliary equipment such as restricted trays, Zcanon has leading market competitiveness.

It is also under the dual blessing of "soft" strength and "hard" technology that Zcanon can break through the competition in the field of intelligent warehousing and logistics automation equipment surrounded by strong competitors.