Zocono is making its debut at the CIBF International Battery Show

2022/4/16 17:14:59

On May 24, the 13th China (CIBF) International Battery Technology Exchange Exhibition came to a successful conclusion! China's manufacturing industry once again blew up the assembly number, took the show to the stage and let the industry sing the show, ushering in the event of thousands of guests gathered in Shenzhen to jointly develop the world battery industry.

After years of intensive cultivation, CIBF International Battery Exhibition has become an important platform for China's new energy industry exchanges and cooperation. It has become a high-end stage for domestic and foreign famous enterprises to display their strength and brand. In this exhibition, Zcanon Co., Ltd. joined hands with Shenghong Group to bring new industry products to the exhibition site and attracted the attention of the exhibitors.

Live situation

The booth is still dazzling. In front of the booth, many businesses gathered here, very passionate

The CIBF exhibition was so gorgeous that no matter what the harvest was, we must continue to run with passion and meet every challenge of the future in the best possible condition!

In the future, Zcanon will also make its debut in more industry exhibitions! We look forward to meeting us again and we will see you!