Nailing Machine

System applications:

Suitable to automatic inserting technology for forming plastic pin of square aluminum shell electric core injection port

Working principle:

After the whole tray is sent to the fixed area, seal all the batteries through inserting plastic pins into the injection port, which can assure the quality of the electrolyte through preventing the contact between the electrolyte and the air. The whole process are photographed by CCD to verify the sealing effect.

Positioning mechanism: the location of the tray is accurate, so as to insert the nail accurately. After the insertion, CCD judge the sealing effect, OK of which the next battery will be inserted, and NG of which the same battery will be inserted again.

The frame structure is made of 304 stainless steel, which is resistant to the electrolyte corrosion.

The fastest speed of inserting pins: 5s/pc

All workplace have the function of power-down memory, fault warning, and emergency stop, so as to equipment can continue the process from the breakpoint after the emergency shutdown.

Nail machine has the advantages of small volume, high efficiency, accurate nail inserting, and on-line monitoring the processes.