Automated logistics line

Roller line

Accumulation drum line

Chain plate line

Chain plate line

Double speed conveyor line

   Equipment functions   

   ⚪ Automated logistics equipment comprise drum line, chain plate line, double speed chain line, exclusive hoist and flexible conveying system, and so on, and have been widely applied in electronic logistics, express logistics, new energy logistics, automobile manufacturing.

   Equipment type   

   ⚪ chain conveyor

   ⚪ roller conveyor

   ⚪ chain conveyor

   ⚪ belt conveyor

   Equipment features   

   ⚪ wear resistance

   ⚪ anti-corrosion

   ⚪ fuselage structure precision

   ⚪ delivery capacity

   ⚪ delivery speed accurate stability

   ⚪ safe and reliable performance