Automatic Cell Sorting System

System Application:

Automatic sorting and grouping of batteries based on internal resistance and voltage.

Working principle:
Unplug the battery in the tray and recycle it to a dedicated station. In order to prevent the NG products from flowing into the next process, the resulting battery must be quickly sorted and placed in the corresponding processing area according to the result of the conversion, and the production data is uploaded to the MES system in real time.

The grab has soft, cushioning, anti-slip and electrolyte-resistant materials inside.
Barcode binding function: after the batteries are put into the standard tray, upload the information of the battery barcode, the position number of each battery in the tray, and their correlation to the MES system. It has the function of tracking the information of batteries according to its barcode, and the function of recycling the empty tray.
All workplace have the function of power-down memory, fault warning, and emergency stop, so as to enable the equipment to continue the process from the breakpoint after the emergency shutdown.
High automation Integrated with automatic function of feeding, barcode scanning, testing of voltage internal resistance, thickness test, sorting, and uploading data.
Production information management: the equipment can upload product data to the server, based on which customers can real-time manage the production process and track production information.