OCV/IR Automatic System

System applications:
OCV/IR is a device that can measure the internal resistance by AC method and at the same time can test the battery voltage, and can integrate the sorting function.
The equipment operation platform is composed of a tray fixing mechanism, an automatic scanning mechanism, a voltage internal resistance testing mechanism, a battery sorting mechanism, and an NG battery placement area. The upper computer system is used to receive and analyze the feedback from the automatic scanning mechanism and the voltage internal resistance testing mechanism. The data is uploaded to the MES system in real time.All operations are performed consistently on one device, with high production efficiency and precise testing.

working principle:

The whole tray battery is tested for internal voltage resistance, and the NG products are quickly selected and placed in the corresponding processing area. The production data is uploaded to the MES system in real time.

OCV cleaning fixture

OCV tester

The time to test a single battery is less than 1s, based on the function of automatic clearing and

automatic calibration.

There is automatic coordination function in unexpected shutdown, which avoid to overstock and damage batteries .
There have silicon gaskets inside the manipulator, which avoid to scratch the batteries in the process of feeding and sorting.
Have functions of barcode scanning, local storage, and network storage.
The parameter setting is simple and reliable, and the man-machine interface is easy to operate.
Improve production technology and production efficiency, meanwhile reduce labor intensity.